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Chapter 1: Introduction to Quadcopter Drones

Multicopters, drones, quadcopters. These little aircraft are all a new breed of radio control (RC) fun that is rapidly gaining in popularity. But with newness, there is limited  information available on these systems. This is particularly true for beginners who wish to participate, but do not understand how to get started. But first be forewarned, […]

Chapter 2: The Quadcopter

Operation of a quadcopter/multicopter is similar to that of a helicopter.  It has a control similar to a helicopter’s cyclic control that enables pitching the quadcopter anywhere within its 360o radius.  But the quadcopter differs from the helicopter in that it has no tail boom.  Because of this, the quadcopter can easily fly in any […]

Chapter 3: The Controller

Channels RC controller transmitter have not really changed much externally over the years in terms of the basic controls.  The term “Channels” refer to the number of directional controls on the controller.  Quadcopters normally require four channels of control (Throttle, Yaw, Pitch, and Roll).  On a four channel transmitter, there are two control sticks, one […]

Chapter 4: Your First Quadcopter Drone

Some hobbyists recommend  for your first quadcopter that you build your own.  Others swear by and recommend top of the line drones for your first quad.  Not me.  If you have little to no RC experience, either of these recommendations can be a very costly and dangerous mistake.  Not a good way to learn how to […]

Quadcopter Drone Flying Tutorial 1: Initialization, binding, and trimming your quadcopter (and why)

When attempting to fly, if your quadcopter drone immediately takes off at weird angles, flips, or is uncontrollable, please read on.  You possibly don’t understand the importance of initializing your gyros.  Before you take to the air, you must first initialize the gyros on your quadcopter so that it understands level flight.  You must also […]

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